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The new decade is here! Over the past few years, I have approached the new year as a new journey backed by the experience and the insights I have learned from the year prior.

However, things feel a bit different this year.

Since 2016 (the year where I started embarking on my journey), I’ve always approached the new year as a time for great change and excitement.

However, 2020 came off a bit “empty”. It was a different feeling that I had only encountered for the first time.

And I pointed it all out to one word — realism.

This was a refreshing perspective, because unlike before, I didn’t have these sky-high emotional feelings that I am gonna reach my goals and do this and that. No.

My mind was clearer and I knew it from the very first day on January 1st, that the next moves that I should do should be planned out in detail and apply all of the learnings that I’ve acquired throughout the years.

Thus why here are the core mindsets that I am charging into 2020.

1. Drive Ambition

Ambition has been the most prominent mindset that I have in pursuing my goals.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always been ambitious to create things — whether it be a random Roman siege weapon (I used to love creating old devices in cardboard) to a working radio, I’ve always had this sense of exploration and want to create.

It all kept on going until it manifested in my late teens that I want to create something impactful to the society, to our country.

And it took only a few more years to understand where I would want to first set my foot in this journey — start a business.

Even on my darkest days where I would be very anxious and depressed and out of cash, my ambition of believing that I am creating something good to society, always helps me persevere and keep up this mentality of trying.

Because of this, for the upcoming years to come I want to share this same mindset of ambition to other people and hopefully help them realize what they want to do, and go through though times with the belief of accomplishing what they set out for.

2. Responsible use of Social Media

GaryVee has been the biggest mind-opener of my year in 2019. I have gradually adopted his practice of hustle, of being a good compassionate person, and his constant preaching of sharing content.

This is a mission that I am embarking myself on this year. Social media is dominating in more ways than we can imagine and I sincerely believe that not a lot of people nor businesses are maximizing the potential growth that they may have — me included.

In a keynote that Patrick Bet-David said last October (2019), he said “social media killed celebrities”, pertaining to the fact that anyone can actually be a celebrity now.

This is in fact true as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, are dominating platforms in giving almost everyone an opportunity to be an influencer.

What’s the defining factor, though? How committed are they.

Everything that we have here is the result of someone being ambitious and putting in the hardwork. It applies to everything.

Thus the influencers that we see, whether it be someone great at dancing, someone being an entrepreneurial speaker, a businessman, a tech guru, a musician, etc, they placed in the hardwork AND they maximized the use of social media to build their brand.

This has fascinated me more so, and I am determined in maximizing in not only growing my own brand and mission, but also in establishing my business and helping other people.

3. Embrace Empathy

Empathy has been the hardest attitude for me to properly adopt. It has always been a struggle trying to understand people on a personal level, especially if they are down.

In most cases, I would assume that I am good in understanding people in general, however, after deliberation and several hours of introspection, I have realized that I fail to acknowledge how they really are. Being honest, I can’t explain it here while writing this.

Being “there” for someone may or may not be enough. Listening may or not be enough as well. Everyone is different and each of them has their own stories.

And we cannot build our dreams just by ourselves, no.

The initiative and determination all comes from ourselves, but we need other people in order to grow what we set out on. Whether it be a business, a family, a company, and so on.

And the core trait needed here that I see a lot of managers lack, is empathy.

I am very aggressive and insensitive to emotional feedback. I handle criticism very well. But I always fail in properly understanding the situation the other person is in.

This is a trait that I yearn on improving more in this decade, as it is an important part in not only in business, but in life as well.

4. Be more accountable

I’ve always known myself as an aggressive person, whether it be goals or just being general in nature.

However, with my lack of empathy and understanding people, I had this bad habit of disregarding my accountability not only towards them, but the tasks that they may have.

Despite being aggressive, I kept on passing things and opportunities up, because I didn’t have the awareness of knowing what exactly is happening to the other person.

This led to several problems in growing my business and eventually impacting my life.

The best example for this is, I had an opportunity to fix my business for a deal, but decided to pass it off because I felt that it wasn’t necessary during the time, and disregarded the client.

Eventually it manifested into something bigger, and my lack of empathy and awareness to people led me to disregarding my responsibilities and accountability towards their and my tasks.

5. Make use of failure

Failure is the bittersweet nectar that comes with success. I don’t consider myself near the success that I still yearn, however, the failures that I’ve had due to bad decisions, poor tactics, impulsive actions, and so on, have definitely given me a bigger perspective on how to approach life.

Back then when I was 4 years younger (16), I had this foolish idea that if I just work hard and well, I cannot fail. And I held on to that idea until I was 18 years old. Constantly grinding without minding the actions and repercussions that may happen.

Because of this, I had my mind closed when it comes to failure. Back then, if I fail, my idea is to go and try again. Perhaps I did consider the lessons, but I never had a system that properly implemented what I learned towards the next attempt. A constant loop of trial and error if I must say.

When I reached 19, however, I realized the bigger picture in failing.

Learn from it. Make use of it.

Still, I lacked the proper mindset on how I should implement it in my life. I knew that if I fail, I should learn and try again. But it

Until the end of 2019 where my failures have reached to the point where I realized — these were my decisions.

It may be an obvious saying, but back then to my foolish self (even now I consider myself foolish and still ever learning), it wasn’t. I would constantly keep on doing what I can and just change the methods to learn.

Thus why, every time I reach a point where an expectation fails, I’ve created a system for myself where I take the time to introspect on it and understand what exactly went wrong.

Again, it may be very obvious, but as a young person preaching out my experiences to other young ambitious individuals, I can say that it is never too bad to constantly repeat.

Until I understand and accept that I don’t know anything, it is there that I start learning.

6. Consume developmental content — learn

In 2016 I started reading and watching content about entrepreneurship, and tried to implement what I learned from those content in my life.

However, I eventually realized that I was consuming content that wasn’t proper to what I was doing. In other words, I was consuming something irrelevant.

Yes, knowledge is power, and every bit of knowledge that I acquire should be cherished. However, as the saying goes “you can always optimize what you do”, it was a while before I realized what content I should consume in order to optimize myself and this vision that I’m trying to grow.

The general entrepreneurial content that entrepreneurs and business people all fall down a similar path — work hard, and smart. There are several variations, opinions, and definitions as to what exactly is the most optimal saying.

However, we all cannot deny that working is the gateway to success. That’s essentially the key to everything.

Thus why in mid-2019, I spent a week trying to understand different entrepreneurs in what they share, what they do, the field they are in, and narrow everything down on to what could be more beneficial in what I do.

This helped me realize that I wasn’t consuming the most optimal content about entrepreneurship that could help me in my field.

Eventually, it led me to knowing more about Gary Vaynerchuk, and embracing his methods — as he is the closest to the field I am in — and manifest the business lessons and the money lessons of various other entrepreneurs that preach “hard work” and “hustle”.

While I have a different perspective on to work, I can always learn more on how to optimize it by listening to the opinions and the advice of other successful entrepreneurs and business people that has actually been to where they set out.

Repetition is key

All of this may be obvious to you, but the reality is, no matter how “obvious” one thing is to us, it still takes time for us to get use of it especially if it is a trait that we are trying to do.

I realized this way back then that everything that I’ve been doing and the actions I’ve committed are all part of a repeated cycle and process, that I keep on doing.

And despite each and every attempt to learn and understand from it, I see that I have actually failed to implement it and still remain the same. Only to realize once more and try and improve from it.

Keep trying, keep learning, and I wish everyone an amazing 2020 onwards!




Entries from a guy that’s formerly ‘obsessed with success’.

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Entries from a guy that’s formerly ‘obsessed with success’.

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