How I gradually started to love writing

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I never really saw myself as a writer of sorts. Until now, I wouldn’t consider myself to be anywhere near a “good writer”.

When I was a kid, I didn’t even like writing. I didn’t like writing on a notebook, or even any form of creative writing.

As I grew up, I eventually understood the benefits of expression and sharing, and eventually made writing as an outlet on my point of views and to share my stories.

However, during my earlier years of trying to share what I feel, it wasn’t a quick and easy task where I just sit down and write, unlike how I do it today.

It was more of a chore back then.

Also before I get into the story, as an early disclaimer this is not a “how to” guide on writing. I know it says that in the title, but this is more of a story on how I gradually got into writing and eventually loved it.

Moving on…

The weird part about me is that, I always seem to express my own thoughts easier in my mind (if that makes sense?). Imagine a scenario where you’re tasked to create something, and instantly your mind knows what it is but you can’t personally do it — whether it be a drawing or a song — you just can’t.

That’s how I originally felt about writing.

I’ve been writing down my thoughts since 2016, ever since I first stumbled upon Medium.

In the years I’ve accumulated hundreds of incomplete drafts, where if I get an idea or just a topic that I want to share, I would instantly try and make it as an article to share.

This was more noticeable back in 2018 when I started a little blog called “Mind of the Day”.

The idea was to share random thoughts about essentially anything, in a creative manner.

This lasted for about two months at most, where I managed to consistently write an article every week (not everyday).

Eventually, I got bored of it.

I didn’t know why. I loved the idea, I loved the time I was spending, but I still eventually got bored of doing it on a daily basis.

So, I stopped.

I then stopped writing for a while, then continued to write once every couple of months whenever I feel like it.

When I was trying to reach a daily quote for writing, I would feel obsessed and disappointed on the outcome. I didn’t like what I was writing because I felt it was too rushed.

It took two more years and a couple more published stories before I realized that I was forcing myself to write.

I suddenly recall the moments where I would allocate a certain period of time per day to literally just write anything and publish it. Well, nothing happened.

I noticed that the most productive time when I write is the time where I feel it’s natural to share something. Rather than just writing anything just for the sake of it.

I guess that’s the entire summary/lesson for this.

You can’t force yourself to love how to write.

There’s a process that happens there, just like with any other skill.

I guess if anyone was a professional, then daily writing would be of course reasonable to an extent.

However, for individuals like me who just loves to share every now and then, there’s absolutely no reason for us to place this expectation of delivering these virtual deadlines just so we can see “progress”.

That’s how I felt before. That if I don’t write on a daily basis, I won’t go anywhere. Funny thing is, my career isn’t even nearly related to writing.

If you’re an aspiring writer, or perhaps even just someone that loves to share some ideas/insight, my best advice is to simply “don’t force it”.

It will come naturally. You’ll be surprised of the outcome. Take your time.

I will never proclaim myself as the “best” writer in any way. That’s not the point nor will it ever be a goal.

I see writing as an outlet, as a Medium, to share the stories that I want to share. To express the thoughts and feelings that I find it difficult to share elsewhere.

Personally, in a non-professional sense, it’s not about how many I write nor the consistency of it.

It’s about me enjoying to write the stories I want to share.




Entries from a guy that’s formerly ‘obsessed with success’.

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Entries from a guy that’s formerly ‘obsessed with success’.

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